Saskatoon Lennox Comfort Sense Thermostat

Comfort Sense Thermostat

The Comfort Sense Thermostat is an easy to operate programmable thermostat that not only manages your heating and cooling schedule, but also helps you save on energy costs while providing ideal comfort. 

Saskatoon Lennox S30 wifi Thermostat

S30 Wifi Thermostat

The iComfort S30 Thermostat is the best thermostat you can buy.

The S30 WiFi thermostat is a fully functional programmable thermostat that can operate as a conventional thermostat, or be paired with a smart phone/tablet for remote access. This thermostat also takes advantage of new geo-fencing technology. The S30 is so advanced that it can even email your HVAC contractor and self diagnose itself. Evidently, the smartest thermostat you can buy

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